DIY Tiered Tray Halloween Kit
Halloween Tiered Tray Set Painted
Halloween Tiered Tray Set Displayed

    DIY Halloween Tiered Tray Kit- Haunted House


      Unleash your inner Halloween decorator and transform your home into a haunted haven with our DIY Haunted House Halloween Tiered Tray Kit. This kit is all you need to craft a chillingly charming tiered tray centerpiece that's sure to enchant and spook your guests.

      You will have two boxes to choose from- The Basic Box and The Deluxe Box.

      🕷️ BASIC BOX: in this box you will receive 5 tiered tray pieces, twine and painting sponges. 

      The pieces come unpainted and unassembled. We use 3M adhesive tape on the back of all our small pieces so there is no need for glue! Each piece also has score marks to show you where to put the small top pieces. This way they will be lined up and straight!

      You will also get 2 color palettes that you can take to your local craft store for paint. Easy to follow instructions are included and there will be a video tutorial on our facebook page.

      👻 DELUXE BOX: you'll get everything in the Basic Box plus 5 or 6 paint jars, brushes, sandpaper, foam tray, sheet of packaging paper to use as a work space and a labeled box to store your tiered tray set when not in use.


      • Stacked Blocks- 5x4.5
      • Haunted House- 5x5
      • Trick or Treat- 5 inches
      • Boo- 5x5
      • Garland- each piece is 2x2.7