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    DIY Interchangeable Truck Stand


      Introducing our Interchangeable Truck Stand, the perfect platform to showcase your creativity and elevate your seasonal decor to new heights! This versatile stand allows you to effortlessly switch out inserts for various occasions, ensuring your display is always fresh and captivating.

      This 12 inch truck comes with the truck, base, foam brush, 3 painting sponges and velcro rounds. You will also get step by step instructions and help on our Facebook page anytime! 

      You can choose a one-sided or two-sided truck. With a two sided truck you can paint both sides for more versatility. Some popular colors are black, white, red and turquoise blue. You will receive double the mirrors, truck lights and velcro. The truck is cut from 1/4 inch wood and the mirrors/lights are 1/8th inch. Paint is not included.

      Each piece also has score marks to show you where to put the small top pieces. This way they will be lined up and straight!

      🎨 Customize Your Display: Let your creativity shine as you adorn this truck stand with inserts for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more. Add ornaments, greenery, or any decorative accents to create a unique focal point that reflects your personal style.

      🎉 Endless Decorating Possibilities: This Interchangeable Truck Stand is an excellent addition to your home decor collection and a fantastic gift for DIY enthusiasts. Elevate your seasonal and holiday displays effortlessly, ensuring your home is always ready to welcome the festivities.

      🏡 Enhance your decor and keep it fresh year-round with our Interchangeable Truck Stand. Order yours today and transform your space with a display that's as adaptable as your imagination! 🚚✨🌻